Monday, 30 September 2013


Estimated Time to Beard.

Since my last post, we have all still been training busily and preparing for the coming season by sorting out secondary jobs that need to be filled alongside our regular work.

Secondary jobs can be a pretty fun and interesting part of the trip, it’s easy to forget that it is an isolated community and certain jobs that we take for granted back home need to be filled by others while we are down there. This year I have been drafted as a hairdresser along with a BOM Observer, a Chippy and the other Dieso. We also have a team of green thumbs looking after a Hydroponics setup and supplying the station with fresh food (hopefully), we will have environment officers that handle our waste and rubbish, an OH&S rep, Station Photographer, yearbook coordinators, amenities/activity planners and many more.

We have also packed all our personal effects that will be loaded on the Aurora to come south with us. This is where it is important to sort out what hobbies you will need to keep occupied during the long, dark, winter days. There are people taking models to assemble and paint, remote control helicopters and planes, timber for craft, computer games, books, musical instruments, pretty much everything you can think of and as far as what I am sending down, I think it will be easier to mention what I'm not taking rather than what I am...

Yep, the shaver didn't make the cut.. (excuse the pun)

And here is a few more training photos..

Sarah ready to enter a burning building in her Breathing Apparatus

The effects of dropping a cup of water into 1L of burning cooking oil...

Couple of the girls practicing their hosework.

The Diesos have also just returned from a weekend at Perisher in NSW doing some familiarisation with the Prinoth BR350 Snowgroomers we use down there

Till next time

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