Saturday, 23 November 2013

The last few days

Damn busy! That's all I can say! I'm still totally exhausted so excuse me if this makes no sense. I will let the pictures do most of the talking... Oh and remember you can now click on the pics to enlarge...

It all started on Thursday. We got a radio call from a field science party that was in the process of watching their irreplaceable work shelters filled with their expensive equipment slowly sink into the water at Organic Lake. A combination of the recent Blizzard, warm temperatures and salty water (Organic is 6x saltier than the ocean) meant the ice on the lake started to rot and cause the shelters to sink.

Technically the tradesmen are down here as 'science support' so we got the job of going out to 'support' them... Without further ado we loaded a chopper up with some Hagglund recovery equipment and headed out into the field.

Tirfor winch

Organic Lake

Everyone chipped in to help!

One the shelters were on dry 'ice' the Helos came back in to sling them to safety!


Later than evening we got a group together to go for a walk to Gardiner Island where the Adelie Penguins have a rookery.

Davis Station

Gardiner Island

We had some other members try to join the walk but we had to turn them away since they weren't on the list.


Skuas. Think a giant Seagull...
The 'White' Adelie. He comes to the same rock in the same rookery every year but never has a mate.
White Adelie


Adelie Rookery

Adelie Rookery
There is one in every crowd!


Adelie Rookery

Then yesterday (Friday) I got asked to help take some cargo and equipment up to Woop-Woop which is our skiway on the Plateau. Its a pretty decent drive, about 10 hours driving over sea ice and then uphill to the skiway.
Hagglunds Prinoth


I managed not to crash into the DC3!
Well technically its a 'Basler' which is a DC3 with newer Turboprop engines.
Basler Twin Otter


Finally at Woop-Woop! 360deg views of nothing but snow and ice.
Woop Woop

Vestfold Hills
Coming back down the Plateau


Unfortunately our route home was littered with pesky icebergs that we had to continually avoid..


Jade Iceberg
So annoying...
Till next time..

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