Monday, 19 January 2015

'Living' in Antarctica

Well here is something I have been intending to do for some time now. It is all about the building we 'live' in.

Ironically this particular blog is all about Mawson's LQ (Living Quarters) which I have only spent 2 months in as opposed to the 24ish months that I have spent in Davis's since 2010 but that may have something to do with my laziness... Anyway..

If the 'Red Shed' is ever mentioned in conversation with an Antarctic expeditioner, this is what they are talking about... The LQ (Living Quarters) is joined to the SMQ (Sleeping & Medical Quarters) at all Australian continental stations.

All in this one structure we sleep, eat, drink, wash and entertain. It is the building that we spend a vast majority of our time.

Mawsons's in particular is special as it holds a huge amount of old memorabilia. As I have mentioned to a few people back home, working at Mawson feels like working in a museum.

All sorts of tools from the old 'dog days'

To enter the building you must first pass through a cold porch, which is an air lock between the harshness of outside and the comfort and warmth of inside. It is where you hang all your wet and cold clothing.

Once inside you are greeted by Vida. A taxidermied husky that first came to Mawson from New Zealand's Scott base in 1979.


Here we also have our mess and kitchen. Lately I have been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen as our chef has injured his shoulder and is unable to cook so we are taking turns cooking for the rest of the team.

Dining table

Next to the mess is a conveniently placed cardio gym.

The cardio gym

Down in the basement is a large plant room which handles our sewerage, fresh water, heating and the world famous 'Nunatak Brewery' which churns out beer using the cleanest water in the world!

A S4 (Stout, batch 4) ready to consume

Couple of brews on the go

Best bottle washer in the world...

Above the kitchen and mess is the incredible bar, cinema, lounge and library.

The 'Wall of Shame' where photos of any drowned or damaged equipment goes


Lounge, not a bad view!

The Library

One of my favourite areas is also found here, guarded by 'Noogis', Mawson's lead Husky from 1977 to 1986, the Mawson 'Dog Room' which is jam packed with Sled Dog and Antarctic memorabilia.


A fully loaded dog sled

Venture down a corridor and we enter the Mawson SMQ (Sleeping & Medical Quarters)

Here we have a Doctors surgery with operating theatre.

Operating Theater.


and of course, Bedrooms or as they are known down here, 'Dongas'!

My Bedroom!

That is a general overview of the Living Quarters and SMQ, hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. What a wonderful piece of Australia history Mawson station is and you are getting to live and be a part of. Thank you for sharing it with us Corey, enjoying your blogs very much 😊